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Radio advertising represents excellent value for money!

As of 2015, the Population of Daventry District was 80,014. If we could turn just 1% of them into regular listeners we’d be happy but we’d love to be closer to 10% (and beyond!) Our vision is beyond the internet and into the dizzy heights of FM and DAB!

Daventry Radio is nearly one year old, we have gotten further than any other similar projects in the area! This is thanks to our fantastic volunteers who give their time to the community for free!

Although it’s not just our volunteers, we need to keep the lights on and the turntables turning and we do that by offering sponsorship of our station.

We are a community, not-for-profit project meaning no one gets paid and the money is used for the betterment of the station and local Daventry community.

We have been honoured to enjoy the sponsorship of Bread and Circus, Sheaf street Health Store, Alpine Carpet Warehouse and Squab storage but we need to keep these and attract additional sponsors if we are to meet our goals of studio space and increased listenership in addition to FM/DAB licensing and equipment.

Sponsorship Packages;

We have introduced a fantastically simple way to sponsor us!

All of our packages are based on two hour slots over seven days with your custom Audio Sweeper being played 3 times an hour (6 plays in total per show daily/42 plays per week total) during any show that airs during your sponsored slot.

Sponsoring timed slots as opposed to individual shows allows you to sponsor any shows that fall within in that slot, for all seven days of the week thus giving your business more exposure! All you need to choose is whether you wish to sponsor a Daytime Slot or an Evening Slot.

Daytime Slots

Our daytime slots are £100 a month to sponsor and we ask you to commit for three months as a minimum, this equates to approximately 59p per play.

Evening Slots

Our evening slots are £50 a month to sponsor, again we ask for a three month commitment as a minimum, this equates to approx. 29p per play.

Evening slots are reduced in rate at this time to allow the opportunity of smaller Daventry Businesses to support us and in turn us support them.

What’s Included?
  • 3 x 10 second plays-a-day (6 plays per 2 hour slot every day).
  • 3 x 10 second Professional Jingles Creation and Production. “Sponsored by (Your Business), [then your message/slogan] (max 10 words).
  • Will appear in our Radio Ad Show Reel on Daventry.Radio along with your business logo, biography and links.
  • Your logo and business name will appear on all of the pages and graphics for the shows that air within your sponsored slot.
  • Featured Listing on Daventry.Directory
  • Period – Quarterly.

Call us on 01327 720090 or email [email protected] for more information.


Here is a quick guide to the way shows are sponsored at Daventry Radio. Please let me know if anything is unclear or if there’s anything you’d like to discuss further.

What the sponsor gets:
A professional ‘sweep’ production. That means that the ‘ad’ for the sponsor is recorded professionally and has the sound that you’d expect from any other radio show. This is in addition to any mentions by the radio presenter which may happen on an ad-hoc basis.

· There would be 2 plays of the sweep per hour during the show being sponsored.
· The sponsor’s business logo will feature on the graphics for the show.
· The sponsor’s business name will be on the show trailer.
· The sponsor will have a page on the Daventry Radio website for their business details/links to websites etc
Fee structure:
· All taken 2-hour Weekday Daytime Shows – £100 per month (2 spaces).
· 1-hour Weekday and Weekend Evening Shows – £25 per month (All available).
· 2-hour Saturday and Sunday Daytime Shows – £50 (All available).
Some examples of how this works:
· Case Study 1 – A sponsor might wish to sponsor the ‘Attic’ show which is a 2-hour show on a Saturday. A £50 monthly fee generates four plays of the sponsor’s ‘sweep’ during the show. That equates to: 4 shows per month, total of 16 plays a month.
· Case Study 2 – A sponsor might wish to sponsor a weekday daytime show which would cost £100 per month and equate to 6 plays a day, 30 plays a week, 120 plays a month.
(Sponsor fees are payable quarterly in advance.)

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