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I feel Rugby needs to have a slot that plays Indian music, Jamaican music, African music and music from other exotic and enthralling places such as South America (I put on a fundraiser for vulnerable teens in Rugby last year, and the response to the DJ playing cumbia and salsa records was immense).

I have over a decade of experience in DJing; predominantly using vinyl for live broadcasts and events. I also have experience in compére duties for festivals and events, as well as for my regular online broadcasts under my moniker of Paulo’s Hoodoo Jukebox

I strongly feel that there are many potential listeners in Rugby who were not represented by our previous radio station and that they’d be excited by hearing a show that speaks to them culturally. There are also more potential ‘active listeners’ who want to be challenged by what they hear as well as being enabled by hearing lost gems they’ve not witnessed in a long time.

Here’s a lowdown of just some of the genres I can supply from 1950s-80s:

Soul (Motown, Stax, northern soul etc.)

Reggae (ska, rocksteady, dub etc.)

New Wave (post-punk, electronica, alternative disco etc.)

Global Rhythms (Latin, cumbia, bossa, mambo, calypso, afrobeat, Ethio-jazz, Iranian funk etc.)

Punk (1970s UK/US)

Jazz (bop, latin, cool jazz, jazz fusion)

70s rock (Bowie, T. Rex, Lou Reed, Rolling Stones, Black Sabbath, The Who, Stooges etc.)

1960s (pop, garage rock, psychedelia, surf etc.)

1950s (doo-wop, blues, rockabilly, R&B, exotica etc.)

Funk/Disco (1960s-70s)

Alt. Disco (post-punk, early hip-hop, electro-funk etc.)

Folk (1960s-70s UK/USA)

…I work full time as a teacher and I tutor some evenings as well. I’m DJing around the Midlands most weekends, but there may still be a way I can help if what I can provide is what you’re looking for.

Paul (Paulo’s Hoodoo Jukebox)

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I think I can bring something fresh to the project. I saw in your bio that Rugby Radio will be a community station. If the key word is ‘community’, then I’d like to provide something that represents all aspects of the town, as well as treating it to sounds and experiences that expand beyond its realms.

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