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We Went to… DAV JAM @ The Peppermill

Daventry Jammers March 3, 2020

We Went to… DAV JAM @ The Peppermill

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We Went to… DAV JAM @ The Peppermill

Angie and Darren attended the Daventry Jam event that happens every first Tuesday of the month and grabbed some exclusive interviews and pictures with some of the acts.

Check out the gallery below and listen to the Podcast!

Links to all the featured artist’s social media can be found at the bottom.

(Producer’s Note – the audio at the start of Charlie Tarry and the Outlaws (5:40 – 7:20) interview is hard to hear, we cleaned it up as best as we could but rather than leave it out entirely, we thought it better to post what we have! Apologies if you can’t make out that part of the interview, the rest of the audio is fine!)

Links to the Artistes;

Bobbie Lord – Facebook Spotify Itunes Deezer

Sojourners – Facebook

Charlie Tarry & The Outlaws – Facebook Googleplay Soundcloud Spotify

Brazen Foxes – Facebook Spotify

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