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Mercedy September 17, 2020


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Mercedy is a New Recording Soulful, POP & Spoken Word Artist from Manchester. She processes a soprano vocal range and is also an actress & model. Her debut Single Release was on the 5th September last year 2019. Her debut track is called “GONE” and is about Mercedy’s friend “Katelyn Parker”,  who was cruelly killed 4 years ago. She was friends with Katelyn for 7 years. Mercedy wrote this song same year Katelyn Parker died in a way of trying to come to teams of the tragic loss of a very dear friend, but wanted the influence of a top music producer to help her make the track special. She promised to write this song as a celebration of Katelyn’s life and felt it would help put closure for her family, friends and herself. The music video was filmed last year also and she had the privilege to have some of Katelyn’s family members involved in the video as well as casting some award winning actors etc. Filmed by Jorden Milnes (7gatemedia), cast & directed by herself. She chose to make this her first song because she wanted to put closure to what happened and think of her in an uplifted way. While making this track in the studio she found this a very emotional time, although the track is about her friend it becomes clear that other people would relate to this song to someone they lost themselves. It’s very unusual to go in a studio for the first time and come out with amazing track, with great potential. After getting her vocal back on point, from it being nearly fully damaged by Musical Theatre, she went into a recording studio with Jorden Milnes and after her first attempt recording, she came out with a track, that got everybody in her team excited. Since the release she was track of the week on BBC Introducing by Dean Jackson, in a space of a few days from releasing and submitting the track to him. Mercedy was also played all around the world such as Australia, America, South Africa, Europe etc.. Just to name a few.

Down to a few setbacks in the new year, she couldn’t complete her second track till March this year, down to the availability of the producer. Sadly, as her studio time approached the corona virus/Lockdown kicked in the same day as her studio time, which instantly put Mercedy outta action for a few months. Just a very unlucky time for her. However, she spent her time in lockdown writing her third song ”Stop saying Goodbye”/plenty of vocal practice and had a #zoom chat ,studio session, with the producer Jorden Milnes. Then all she needs to do was lay down her vocals when she returns into studio, once the lockdown was over and she will come out with two tracks all done the same day. Mercedy is now gearing up to release her EP on the 5th of September. She will be Re-releasing ”GONE”, ”SING OUT LOUD” (EP Single) and ”STOP SAYING GOODBYE” (Another New Single) all part of her EP! The story behind ”GONE” is stated at the top. The story behind ”SING OUT LOUD” is about her career falling apart, then falling back together, she spent a lot of time taking the wrong paths and going around in circles. This song is about her career beginning to move in the right direction, after nearly quitting the industry. The story behind ”STOP SAYING GOODBYE” is about her heartbreak experience with someone, that happened just before lockdown, so she put her frustration with dating and the upset/pain she felt into lyrics, this one she written in lockdown.

Her manager at the time (before retiring) and his Delphi Media team wanted Mercedy to work with a top music producer, such as: Jorden Milnes, to help get the best out of her, with it her first time in a recording studio at the time, which she has gained a very special working relationship with him also and between herself and Jorden they have written and produced amazing tracks, that many who have heard them believe they could be potential Hits. We are still here to help her if needs it, until a new manager takes over. As you are aware Mercedy is an actress and model also and over the last 18 months has appeared in great films naming “Eleven” as one. It was a great moment for Mercedy as an actress appearing at their premiere of “Eleven” at Piccadilly in London. She was also in “Book of shadows” which is a spin off, of Game of Thorns, which she got the chance to work alongside stunt crew from Star Wars, Mission Impossible, Lord of the Rings to name a few. Over the three years of managing Mercedy (before I retired), I found her to work extremely hard and use the team that I built around her to its full potential, which has helped her to build her knowledge of the music industry. Her work rate, is phenomenal and at times we have had to hold her back, because we don’t want her to have any health issues, because another thing that makes Mercedy special, is that she works so incredibly hard and has a strong desire to succeed in life with her dreams and goals. Yet Mercedy has a heart condition (hole in her heart) & muscle waste disease. She doesn’t let these problems get in the way of her achievements regardless of her struggles and Hope’s what she does, will inspire other people with conditions or similar to her own to help them go for their dreams in life. Mercedy as over the past 3 years been working with “Strongbones children Charitable trust” to help spread awareness and funds for the charity, she has set up big events that have involved establishing models and recording Artists plus entertainers that have come together and in doing so has  raised sizeable sums, such as £2,000 plus of money and awareness for the charity. Mercedy has also expressed her interest in working with the “British Heart Foundation” but so far no one’s come forward even though she reached out to them. After being in the industry for 15 years, I truly believe Mercedy is someone very special and with all that she has done so far, yet there is so much more still to come.

Where looking to have the track played a few days before the release or after (either really) which the release date is the 5th of September 2020. We hope you like the tracks and I’ll look forward to hearing back from you. If you wish to do an interview with her, we will look forward to hearing from you on that also.

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