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New Police Interceptors Hit The Streets

Written by on September 10, 2020

Article Published on Thursday September 10, 2020 4:53 PM by

New Police Interceptors Hit The Streets

Eight shiny new police interceptor vehicles went on display at Northants Police HQ today with Chief Constable Nick Adderley taking centre stage and proudly showing his new acquisitions to the invited press. He said, “The addition of the Police Interceptors team will enable the Force to respond robustly to all forms of criminality across the county.

Chief Constable Nick Adderley with his new fleet of Interceptors
Interview with Ch.Insp. Rachel Hansford by Steve Edwards

“The officers have been highly-trained to drive the Police Interceptors and to use the latest technology and equipment fitted to the car, which included the latest in-car ANPR technology.

“The message to organised crime groups and criminals who use the roads to carry out their illegal activities is simple – we are coming for you and will be relentless in our task of bringing you to justice.

“Our officers and staff are working tirelessly 24-hours, seven days a week to fight crime and to protect the public both on our roads and in our communities to give the public a force they want and deserve.”

RADio reporter Steve Edwards spoke with PC Aaron Cox who will be driving one of the interceptors and got his take on how they would be deployed and what difference they would make in the fight against crime in the county. Click here to here that interview.

PC Aaron Cox at the wheel of one of the new ANPR Police Inrerceptors
Interview with PC Aaron Cox by Steve Edwards.

Steve also spoke with Chief Inspector Rachel Handford who has overall responsibility for the policing of the west side of the force area including Daventry and the surrounding rural areas. Click here to hear what Rachel had to say about the deployment of the police interceptor vehicles and her thoughts on policing in our area, including comments on Daventry Police station staffing.

Northants police say that the launch of the Police Interceptors is part of a wider strategy to strength crime fighting and links several initiatives, including the £1.3 million investment to add around 100 new cameras to the ANPR network across the county.

Eight new Skoda Octavia Interceptors o display at police HQ

The Force say that the cameras will also support them in tackling anti-social driving and identify uninsured vehicles – research shows drivers who have no insurance are more likely to be involved in serious road traffic collisions or other types of criminality.

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New Police Interceptors Hit The Streets
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