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    A long, long… yes, looooooong time ago, in the tiny hamlet of Ye Olde Danetre (In a manger with three wise men… oops different story),  a child was born. The midwife slapped the child’s face and exclaimed, “oh my god this one’s got a face built for radio!”

    And so the journey began from running discos at his school, onwards to performing in the hamlet’s local taverns;  Fridays, Golden Hinde, Peppermill, Pike and Eel, Beachcomber, Falconer… some of which have long gone. And clubs such as Sir Jaspers, The Abbey, Madisons, Embryo.

    But this wasn’t enough for the boy with a face for radio, so he packed his record collection and set forth to the bigger clubs across the country; Bar Meds, Chicago Rocks, Visages, Time and Envys, Lava & Ignites, Liquids, Flamingos, Empires, Oceanas, Ministry. And thus he did plying his trade of playing the tunes people wanted to hear for 30 years. And then he got a proper job!

    However the child with a face for radio still pined to make the midwife’s prediction come true, and so enter the latest chapter in our intrepid tunesmith’s career; Daventry Radio.

    So whilst crunching your cornflakes, slurping your porridge, shushing your snap crackle and pop, or indulging in a bacon butty, tune in to the breakfast show 7am to 9am on Daventry Radio to listen to the boy with a face for radio playing your favourite tunes and starting your day with a zing!

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    Harry F
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