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    Graham studied at the Phoenix Arts Centre in Exeter, where he concentrated on creative writing for the screen and television. His key interests are teleplays, and screenplays as well as developing and writing original drama series’ for television. Those recently completed include the television series “Pebble on the Beach” set on the Mediterranean island of Cyprus, “The Other Side of the Tracks” and “Yesterday Man” a psychological thriller.

    He spent many years living and playing Hammond organ in various groups in Germany and Scandinavia during the sixties. He returned to England in the early seventies where he worked as a session musician in many of the top London studios. An accomplished songwriter and musician, Graham has been featured in arts and musical programmes and performed and recorded with many artists including Jimi Hendrix, Fats Domino, Ritchie Blackmore, James Taylor, Elton John, Christine Perfect, Tony Ashton and many more name musicians.

    Graham’s first novel “Ticket to Ride” set in Hamburg during the 1960’s was published in 2006 by Flame Books.

    Graham’s revised version of his first novel, “Ticket to Ride” was re-published in 2012 and his first children’s novel “We’re gonna be famous” was published in 2009, his first historical novel “Hatred is the key” in 2010. This was then followed by, “Too big to cry” in spring 2013. “Love Shack” set in the East End of London and the Red Light District of Amsterdam was published in 2015. “More than a woman” was published in July 2016 and his seventh novel “Cowboys and Angels” was published in October 2017. He is currently writing the sequel to “Love Shack” which is slated for publication in later 2020.

    Graham can frequently be heard on the BBC and other terrestrial and web based radio stations around the world talking about music and writing as well as reviewing his Book of the month and presenting the A-Z of writing and “Hits & Bits” where he tells the story behind the “hit” record.

    Since 2014 Graham has been engaged to deliver Creative Writing Courses on international cruise ships as well as and book readings in libraries and literary festivals as well as running creative writing courses and sessions around the UK.

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    Graham Sclater
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