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Lockdown Lifehacks #2 – Stir it up!

Written by on November 21, 2020

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Lockdown Lifehacks #2 – Stir it up!

We continue our search for things do over the coming weeks that don’t involve Zoom or the TV, and this week on the Early Evening Show, we took a look a the History behind the annual making of the all important Christmas Pudding. Stir Up Sunday is tomorrow, so there is still time to grab those ingredients and the family and give it a go! There are several recipes out there-some very simple to make. Many recipes we know are traditionally used and handed down by families through the generations. Did you know though, that the making of the Christmas Pudding is steeped as much in religious belief , as it is in Brandy?

  1. Stir up Sunday started in Victorian times and was very much a family activity. Family members would each take a turn to stir the pudding and would do so on the last Sunday before Advent.
  2. It takes its name from the opening words of the Book of prayer ,” Stir UP we beseech thee, O Lord, the wills of thy faithful people.”
  3. Each person is to make a wish as they stir from East to West – like the wise men as they travelled to the Nativity.
  4. Traditionally, Christmas Puddings have 13 ingredients, representing Jesus and his disciples.
  5. Even the holly on the top would be there as the Crown of Thorns.
  6. The adding of coins replaced the adding of charms that were for good luck to anyone finding them in their pudding; Silver was for wealth, a thimble for thrift, a wishbone for luck and a ring for marriage.

All of which of course could end up with needing a trip to the dentist or worse! So be inspired this Sunday. Get the family together, put your apron on and make your family pudding this year – but please be careful ! send us your results via our facebook page or email [email protected]


Lockdown Lifehacks #2 – Stir it up!
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