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Community Help Scheme

Written by on March 17, 2020

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Community Help Scheme


So as I was concerned about those “at risk groups” such as elderly and very young I decided to set up a WA Page which enables those on Isolation to stay there in order to try and contain the outbreak

  1. I went to the Police Station to discuss my idea which they have no problem with
  2. Have Messaged Daventry Radio with details and they are going to post the initiative
  3. Set up an initial WA group and now have set up others for all the Estates in Daventry to control their own areas
    4a The idea is we post Leaflets which is attached
    4b We receive call for help and respond
    4c We do shopping and leave on the doorstep with receipt and change (honesty has to play its part)
    4d NOONE enters anyone’s property
  4. The Grange School has printed 450 leaflets for us and I have asked them to post on their FB and Twitters what we are doing
  5. Orchard Print have also
    Donated some printing
  6. The Photoshop next to the Halifax is also going to do printing
  7. I have over 200 volunteers so far wanting to help in anyway

Can Daventry Radio help?, maybe with advertising this as we all need to work together

Kind regards
Rebecca Phipps
07917 417914

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Community Help Scheme
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