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Written by on February 13, 2020

Collect-o-Mania is an exciting new exhibition about collections and collecting.

Daventry Museum are handing over their museum space to the public to help them curate an exhibition about local collections.

The collections can be anything from an array of pottery, a whimsical animal collection, an assortment of fascinating fossils, or a ten-piece teapot collection.

Maybe a local resident owns a hodgepodge of ceramic hedgehogs or a tantalising variety of old toys? 

If they would like to display their collection in a museum and share their love of them with fellow visitors to Daventry they need to get in touch with the museum by Friday 27th March 2020.

The museum is urging local (and not so local) residents to bring their collections, or samples if it’s a very large collection, and put them on display in their secure museum cabinets.

Lenders will be able to inform the museum and their visitors just why their collection is so special to them, when it started and what made them start collecting. 

We’ll also be delving into the history of curating, collecting and why this fascinating behaviour is almost solely displayed by humans.

To be a part of this super new exhibition all potential lenders can find out more details about and complete the application form found at

Closing date for application forms is Friday 27th March.

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