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Britain’s Got Talent Final Voting Figures Reveal Jon Courtenay’s Win Was A Landslide

Written by on October 11, 2020

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Britain’s Got Talent Final Voting Figures Reveal Jon Courtenay’s Win Was A Landslide

Britain’s Got Talent has unveiled the voting figures from this year’s final, revealing that new champion Jon Courtenay won by quite the landslide.

Of the 10 acts in the final – five picked by the judges during the semi-finals and five selected by the public – Jon received a total of 35.7% of the total vote, following the performance of his original song in the final.

Things were a little bit closer between second, third and fourth place, with runners up Sign Along With Us landing 15.3% of the votes.

Just behind them were comedians Steve Royle and Nabil Abdulrashid, on 14.1% and 13.9%, respectively.

Jon Courtenay celebrates his BGT win

Check out the full voting stats below

Jon Courtenay (35.7%)

Sign Along With Us (15.3%)

Steve Royle (14.1%)

Nabil Abdulrashid (13.9%)

James & Dylan Piper (5.7%)

Damien O’Brien (4.6%)

Aidan McCann (3.7%)

Jasper Cherry (3.3%)

Magical Bones (2.9%)

Aaron & Jasmine (0.8%)

During this year’s pre-recorded semi-finals, eight acts performed each night, with the judges picking their favourite to automatically send through to the final.

The remaining seven were then put up for the public vote, with the winners of each round also earning a spot in the last stage of the competition.

Here are the voting figures from the five weeks of the semi-finals:

Week 1

James & Dylan Piper (41.8%)

Yakub (22.7%)

Fayth Ifil (13.2%)

James Stott (10.0%)

SOS From The Kids (6.1%)

Imen Siar (3.7%)

Urban Turtles (2.5%) 


Week 2

Damien O’Brien (22.1%)

The Coven (20.1%)

Souparnika Nair (19.7%)

Amanda & Miracle (18.5%)

Honey & Sammy (10.4%)

Class Dynamix (5.0%)

Allan Finnegan (4.2%)


Week 3

Sign Along With Us (34.0%)

Sirine Jahangir (31.8%)

X1X Crew (14.5%)

Ember Trio (8.9%)

Myra Dubois (6.9%)

Dario The Dinosaur (2.0%)

Bhim Niroula (1.9%)


Week 4

Jasper Cherry (49.2%)

Belinda Davids (21.2%)

Chineke! Junior Orchestra (8.5%)

Billy & Chantelle (7.5%)

Kevin Quantum (5.3%)

Papi Flex (4.9%)

Katherine & Joe O’Malley (3.4%)


Week 5

Aidan McCann (27.0%)

Beth Porch (24.8%)

Wesley Williams (16.1%)

Hakan Berg (14.2%)

Soldiers of Swing (9.0%)

Shalom Chorale (6.3%)

Crissy Lee (2.6%)

For safety reasons, the performances in this year’s BGT final were pre-recorded ahead of time, although the results of the public vote were announced live.

Comedy singer Jon’s win was a notable one, as it marked the first time a Golden Buzzer act – picked by one of the judges to automatically win a spot in the semi-finals after their audition – has gone on to win the competition.

This year saw Simon Cowell sitting out the second half of the competition due to an injury, with former BGT winner Ashley Banjo sitting in for him this year.

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Britain’s Got Talent Final Voting Figures Reveal Jon Courtenay’s Win Was A Landslide
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