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David Lammy has called on Twitter to be “much faster at stamping out racist threats and abuse” after receiving a threat on the social media platform. The shadow justice secretary, who is Black, posted a screenshot of a message he received in which a Twitter user said he would “hang from a lamppost” if he […]

President Donald Trump’s long-awaited Axios interview with Jonathan Swan finally aired on Monday night and it was a wild ride.  Trump tried to paint a rosy picture of the coronavirus pandemic, claiming “we’re last, meaning we’re first” in an attempt to downplay the death toll and current surge in fatalities.  Trump doubled down on his well-wishes for […]

Coronavirus has changed everything. Make sense of it all with the Waugh Zone, our evening politics briefing. Sign up now. The Home Office has abandoned a visa system branded “racist” by human rights campaigners after being challenged in court. A computer algorithm, or streaming tool, used by the department automatically graded each entry application on a […]

Normal People star Paul Mescal just got even cooler, after teaming up with the Rolling Stones.  The Irish actor is set to appear in the band’s latest video for new track Scarlett.  A short teaser of Paul in action debuted on Monday, showing him in a dishevelled state in a hotel room, struggling to get […]

Talk about a Buzz kill. Toward the end of Toy Story 3, viewers everywhere were traumatised when their favorite lovable toys slid toward an incinerator and were nearly destroyed.  The toys were saved at the last minute, but what would’ve happened if they hadn’t been? Would they have died? Would their spirits have gone to […]

The first time lifestyle journalist Karen LeBlanc was shown a “Karen” meme centred on the coronavirus, she freaked out a little.  LeBlanc, who’s the host of GenXtra, a lifestyle show for Generation X, said her 15-year-old showed her a collage of white women, all sporting Kate Gosselin’s now-iconic reverse mullet and self-righteous smirks.  “The Karenovirus is […]

We’re here to guide you through the coronavirus pandemic. Sign up to the Life newsletter for daily tips, advice, how-tos and escapism. When it comes to testing for Covid-19, there are two new kids on the block:  LamPore and DnaNudge. But what are they, how do they work, and who can benefit from them? The […]

Ellen DeGeneres’s wife has broken her silence and thanked fans for their support amid accusations of a “toxic” work environment on the set of the star’s US talk show. Portia De Rossi shared a message of support for the beleaguered host on Monday. The actress posted a picture on Instagram reading “I stand by Ellen” […]

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