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Anti-Brexit Campaign Urges Left-Wing To ‘Wake Up’

Written by on September 28, 2020

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Anti-Brexit Campaign Urges Left-Wing To ‘Wake Up’

Enother Europe Is Possible national organiser Michael Chessum 

A left-wing pro-free movement campaign is urging supporters to “wake up” and join protests against the US-UK trade deal and Boris Johnson’s “vicious anti-migrant policy”. 

Another Europe Is Possible, which spearheaded the left of centre movement against Brexit, will on Monday launch a new campaign aimed at opposing the government’s post-Brexit agenda for the country. 

Claiming Brits’ rights are “under attack” the group is organising socially-distanced demonstrations as part of its new ‘Fight For The Future’ drive. 

Events planned for early October, include speakers such as former shadow chancellor John McDonnell, Labour MPs Nadia Whittome and Clive Lewis, economist Ann Pettifor, War on Want’s director Asad Rehman, Global Justice Now director Nick Dearden and the TSSA union’s Manuel Cortes. 

Another Europe says left wing campaigners despondent about the general election result for Labour need to refocus efforts on opposing the government. 

Michael Chessum, national organiser for Another Europe, told HuffPost UK: “The government is going to use the coming months to drive through unprecedented changes to our economy and society.

“With coronavirus dominating the headlines, Johnson is pressing ahead with US trade negotiations and has already announced plans to scrap social and environmental protections, as well as human rights.

“There is huge public opposition to economic deregulation and the lowering of food standards, but unless we build a big, loud opposition to what the Tories are planning, it could all happen very quickly.

“The left and the remains of the anti-Brexit movement need to wake up.”

It comes as negotiations between the UK and the EU on the future relationship are at a critical stage and as trade secretary Liz Truss continues talks with the US administration, insisting there will be no bargaining down of rights or food standards. 

But Whittome, who is MP for Nottingham East, said Johnson was presiding over “a race to the bottom”.

She said: “The government has a majority in parliament, but real power always comes from below. Covid means that we must be careful about safety when we mobilise, but we must now build a movement that is capable of providing serious opposition to what the Tories want to do.

“We are talking about the biggest attempt to deregulate the economy in British history. We need to defeat what we can, and keep an alternative vision alive.”

Alena Ivanova, an organiser for the Right to Stay campaign and Another Europe, said: “As it stands, EU citizens without settled status will lose their legal right to be in the UK from June 2021 – and even with a 99% success rate, that would still mean tens of thousands of people who have made Britain their home being liable for deportation.

“Already, many migrants have been given only a partial pre-settled status, and some have been rejected outright. This is an emergency, and we can’t just rely on asking politicians nicely. We need to raise the alarm about this time bomb, build public pressure and fight for an unconditional right to stay for everyone.”

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Anti-Brexit Campaign Urges Left-Wing To ‘Wake Up’
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