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21 Times Katherine Ryan’s Character In The Duchess Was Almost Too Relatable

Written by on September 16, 2020

Article Published on Wednesday September 16, 2020 8:00 AM by

21 Times Katherine Ryan’s Character In The Duchess Was Almost Too Relatable

If you’re a Katherine Ryan fan, then no doubt you’ll already know her debut sitcom The Duchess has just landed on Netflix

The series follows what the streaming service describes as the “powerful and problematic choices of a fashionably disruptive single mom living in London”. 

And despite Katherine’s character often making terrible choices and dishing out tongue lashings like they’re going out of fashion, it turns out she’s actually quite relatable. 

Almost too relatable, in fact. 

Here’s just 21 times we’ve all had reactions like Katherine’s during some real-life situations…

1. When that overly perky group of co-workers suggest grabbing a coffee

2. When you’re forced to explain why you never make it past a second date

3. And your friends try to talk you up, but you know best

4. When you’re commitment averse but also quite happy with the arrangement you have with your Friend With Benefits

5. When an ex starts sniffing about after hearing of your latest break-up 

6. But then you do it, and instantly regret it

7. When foreplay is just too much of an effort

8. When fashion always comes first, no matter what the situation

9. When someone comes within two metres of you in the midst of a global pandemic

10. When a friend books a dinner reservation at a restaurant you loathe

11. When someone questions your terrible break-up makeover

12. When you refuse to back your mate after they get caught out spreading gossip you originally told them

13. When your BFF starts making other friends and you just can’t handle it

14. When you’re trying to catch your crush’s attention 

15. When you’re made to look stupid in a meeting in front of your office rival

16. When your parents turn up unannounced and expect to be entertained

17. When you have to try and be happy for a pal that’s just got engaged, despite the horrific state of your own love life

18. And then when they get married, they suddenly think they’re a relationship expert

19. When you go home for Christmas and a distant relative asks why you’re still not married with kids

20. When Jane from accounts has found something out about you and is sure to spread it like wildfire round the office

21. Anytime anyone speaks to you before your first coffee of the day

The Duchess is streaming now on Netflix. 

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21 Times Katherine Ryan’s Character In The Duchess Was Almost Too Relatable
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