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Daventry’s Got Talent!

daventrys got talent Daventry Radio Photo Ref talent
daventrys got talent Daventry Radio Photo Ref talent

We are looking to showcase the best that Daventry has to offer (and some of the worst too!)

First of all, the rules.

  1. Age of all contestants must be 13+ Under 18s must be accompanied by a responsible adult and must have the permission of their legal guardian to enter.
  2. Relations of any Daventry Radio volunteer or staff member are not permitted to enter.
  3. No nudity, offensive language, adult content etc. Let’s keep it family friendly folks!
  4. No professionals – what we mean by this is, if you earn a living from your talent, you cannot enter.
  5. No cash substitutes for prizes will be offered.
  6. By entering, you agree that Daventry Radio and associated outlets are permitted to repost and circulate your entry for publicity or entertainment purposes.
  7. If you back out and wish to withdraw your entry at any time, please message us and we will take the post down.
  8. Closing date for submissions is late May 2020.

Stage 1: SUBMISSION – Submit a short video (1 minute max) of your talent as a message to our Facebook Page. If you are a singer or comedian or other act that relys on audio, make sure the audio is of a fair quality.

*We prefer entries sent via message but we can accept a media sharing site link or any other format that allows us to download and share/repost the video (Youtube links for example will not be useable as we cannot legally download them).

Stage 2: ELIMINATION – After checking the content, we will post entries to our Social Media where people can begin voting in seperate categories depending on how many entries we get.

Stage 3: HEATS – The winners of the eliminations will be invited to perform at venues to be confirmed (all in Daventry area) where guest judges and audience members will decide which five go through to the Grand Final!

We are aiming for late June 2020 to stage the heats.

Stage 4: GRAND FINAL – The five finalists will compete on stage to win the first ever Daventry’s Got Talent at a special show put on in aid of a yet to be decided charity.

We are aiming for August 2020 to stage the final.

Prizes and venues are yet to be confirmed but they will be local and they will be good!

Lazy? Can’t be Bothered? Talent not that spectacular? Take a look at “Innit for a Minute“.

SPONSORS! Get in touch and see how we can advertise your business throughout the contest!

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